Friday, March 18, 2011

She needs a home!

She needs a home! photographed by GenGlo

This little sweety is getting more affectionate every day! She rolls and purrs and kneads when anyone touches her. As an outdoor cat, she never had a soft blanket before, so she is so happy to have the soft, pink blankey she is curled up on. She was born to one of the adults at the feral colony where we are doing TNR. When she came to our house to recover from her spay surgery, we realized that she is far too friendly to be a feral cat, and she needs a good home.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I need a home!

I need a home! photographed by GenGlo

We have been doing trap, neuter, release at a Feral colony that my Mother manages for 2 years now. All of the cats are sweet and gentle and more like pets than feral cats.

We have been taking them to be spayed and neutered, finding homes for the kittens, and the adults that don't find homes live on my Mother's property. She feeds them and provides shelter for them, but these cats are far too sweet to be outdoor cats. This little girl was spayed yesterday and she is at our home recovering from her surgery. She is very affectionate and lovable and would be a perfect house cat. She is about 10 months old, she was one of the kittens that was born last year before we got the adults spayed.

We have already adopted many of the cats from this colony, and we can't take any more.